The challenge

Yorkshire Tea is a proudly British company with a storied heritage – but their character is anything but traditional. Their brand personality is fun, quirky, and with a slight flavour of the madcap in true Mad Hatter style. Their challenge to the Because team: create an imaginative, unforgettable event that celebrates their identity and product, and which introduces key influencers and media to their fantastic world of unmistakable brews, charismatic conversations, and unique tea experiences.


The idea

The Because team answered the brief by collaborating with a key partner: The Orient Express. The result: a rolling, retro-themed tea party across the English countryside on this famous moving piece of locomotive history. Not only did this partner resonate perfectly with the Yorkshire Tea brand character, but it also offered an incredible experience to underpin the whole campaign and creative celebration.


The solution

Over 200 influencers, journalists, bloggers and brand fans started their journey with a glamourous onboarding experience at the train station, complete with classic train tickets, a morning cuppa, and a chance to 


meet their fellow travellers. They were entertained by the upbeat Yorkshire Tea marching band and received by brand ambassadors dressed in retro, tea-themed fancy dress costumes. The train station was transformed into a unique stage with a classically old-world British feel, albeit with an added quirky flavour.

Once aboard the beautifully appointed Orient Express, the guests were treated to sumptuous tea-cakes and gloriously stacked tiered trays filled with sweet treats for high tea. The four-hour journey was filled with fun tea talks, and guests were treated to signature tea-cocktails. At the end of the trip, the guests departed from this bespoke, unforgettable experience with a newfound appreciation of Yorkshire Tea – and it showed in their social media sharing.



The #teaonthetrain launch and celebration proved to be a social media sensation thanks to the engagement provided by the high number of influencers and key opinion leaders. Not only did it dominate all mentions of tea on social media (it took over 75% on online chatter on tea), it also drove over 160,000 views on YouTube in just 48 hours.

If you'd like to create a bespoke celebration of your brand or build awareness in a launch, let's meet for a cuppa. Every brand deserves its own kind of tea party.

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