The challenge

Weber's SmokeFire is no ordinary BBQ. It's a multifunctional grilling machine that sears as well as it smokes and bakes, and does everything in between! It opens the door to a whole new world of smouldering smoky flavours, and Weber wanted Because to help them introduce the brand and it's incredible features to the UK's home grillers. 


The idea

Weber's SmokeFire allows you to rediscover the taste of your favourite foods like never before. But just telling people that, wouldn't 'cut the mustard'. What we needed was a campaign that would prove it.

We wanted to showcase the SmokeFire in an authentic way that would also tantalise taste buds and inspire Britain's BBQers to want to give this grilling machine a go. And what better way to do that than by getting social media's favourite foodies to show that the proof really is in the pudding (or, in this case the low-and-slow-brisket, smoky cajun shrimp, St Louis style ribs...). 



We teamed up with 20 carefully selected UK-based Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and gifted them with a SmokeFire Grill and SmokeFire Pellets to give them (and their followers) the opportunity to discover the unique and versatile flavours made possible with the BBQ. To ensure our KOLs had the best experience possible and felt valued by the brand, they also each received a one-on-one call with a Weber Grill Master, and ongoing support from our project team throughout the campaign. 

Each KOL cooked their favourite dishes on their SmokeFire BBQ and shared how the smouldering flavours enhanced their cooking, highlighting key features including the built-in Weber Connect and the SmokeBoost on their social channels.

Almost 100 pieces of content were published by KOLs, with every KOL posting at least 2 cooks in-feed and as stories. Their engagement  with the campaign also took another form, as we saw KOLs actively engaging with their fellow KOLs posts too.

The clear excitement shown by the KOLs for being part of something, sharing and appreciating the cooks created by one-another (as much as our wider audience did) carried notable weight when seen by Weber's wider community.



Throughout the campaign there was a strong focus on optimisation. 


Performance was continuously monitored and high-performing content was selected to convert into boosted posts and paid ad formats. The best reaching and most highly engaged content was prioritised with new content swapping in during the campaign to refresh messaging across the campaign period.

In addition to boosting KOL content for our paid campaign, we also created a series of dedicated video ad formats that incorporated multiple shots of KOL content. 

Edit 1 focussed on the variety of dishes made possible with Weber's SmokeFire and Edit 2 appealed to our meat-loving audience, with a strong focus on flavour. To ensure performance of these dedicated formats, we did A/B testing on Edit 1.

This best performing approach was then applied to the second 'flavour/meaty' ad variant to ensure strong performance. As a result both ads made it into the top 5 most engaged ads in the campaign, generating highly impressive 9.3% and 8.6% engagement rates respectively (industry rates are typically 3%).

This test-and-learn approach was key to building and maintaining strong performance throughout.  Cutting crafting and managing the content coming in from our KOLs, repurposing the assets available and deciding when to post them ensured agile turn-around of content throughout the campaign.



The campaign exceeded all targets (by an impressive 300%!), most notably in engagement rates - smashing benchmarks across brand platforms, owned KOL platforms and paid media.

By directing the best performing organic content into paid formats, optimising those formats throughout and ensuring a strong frequency, we were able to deliver and exceed both reach and engagement targets.

Typically, the bigger the marketing budget the better the results. But with this campaign, however, by sticking to a smart strategy and having a strong focus on optimisation, we managed to achieve an incredibly successful outcome at a fraction of what one would expect a campaign like this to cost.

If you'd like to create a smokin' hot social-media campaign that'll turn your online followers into real-life brand advocates, give us a shout. We'll help you put together the perfect digital marketing strategy and partner with KOLs that'll help your brand shine on the world's socials. 


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