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A Nation-wide Cooking Challenge

The challenge

The British are not well known for their BBQing skills. Although the occasion is enjoyed throughout the country, the UK has a bit of a reputation as being ‘sausage burners’.

So Weber asked Because to help them build the brand while growing sales of barbecues and accessories, by demonstrating easy and accessible ways to enhance their grilling experience.

The idea

We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to build value in the brand by helping at-home grillers to up their barbecue game with an online content driven campaign that educated and inspired.

Anyone can buy reach, that’s easy. But authentic and engaging content is hard to find. We wanted to ensure the content created for Weber was done by people who truly believed in our brand and mission.


We carefully profiled local food opinion leaders based on CPM (cost per mille) and effective reach. We then reviewed those who met our criteria from a content quality and style perspective before approaching them with our mission. If they didn’t 100% buy into the campaign on an emotional level, they weren’t right for us.

Our select few fans received a Weber barbecue, a chicken, a poultry roaster, a meat thermometer, a charcoal basket, some briquettes and a mission: to showcase their personal take on a simple, yet effective recipe - the Beer Chicken.

Because the food leaders we partnered with were authentic people who genuinely loved cooking on a Weber barbecue, the content that was created was engaging, enjoyable, memorable, but most importantly authentic and believable.

The campaign allowed us to seamlessly and authentically include a range of affordable accessory products into the activity, while maintaining a supportive position.


It doesn’t take much to pay a lot of money to partner with a ‘trending’ influencer and get them to stand by your product and take a few pics for their followers. Reach is actually very easy to achieve. As marketers we all know this. And we also know what matters considerably more is content that is far more impactful, actual engagement. And that sort of reach naturally is harder.

Partnering with brand-relevant, but lesser-known food leaders meant the content created was compelling to watch, and share, but the reach was more targetted but less far reaching than what it would have been with a more prominent but less effective influencer. So, we were strategic then about driving reach with well bought media beyond the influencers’ social pages, expanding their exposure, and our brand love, whilst increasing Weber sales throughout the UK at the same time.

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