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Timberland Trail of Heroes

Hunt for hidden geocaches

Timberland is synonymous with outdoor adventure. So to launch Timberland’s new Earthkeepers™ range and ‘Nature Needs Heroes’ app, we came up with a suitably adventurous idea.

We were delighted to tread new ground with the first partnership between a brand and the 10m member strong community.
Anna Bradshaw, Business Director, BEcause
Timberland wanted to promote its new Earthkeepers range of footwear across Europe in a new and exciting way and find an innovative way to get consumers outdoors and having fun.

We devised the first ever branded pan-European geocaching treasure hunt. We took three ideas – exploration, geocaching and digital media – and mashed them up into the ultimate outdoor adventure for the target market.



We hid unique branded geocaches in five European cities. Geo-location clues were drip fed to adventurers over four weeks. Users needed to log their finds into a bespoke microsite for a chance to win prizes. Extensive PR and social media support kept the competition buzzing.

direct engagement
Adding a novel digital dimension to a real-world treasure hunt captured the imagination of consumers and bloggers alike and unearthed thousands of new outdoor heroes in the process. Download our cheat sheet and learn how to use the power of immersive technologies for your brand. 
Timberland Trail of Heroes
Timberland Trail of Heroes
Timberland Trail of Heroes

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