The challenge

Temenos is the leading banking software company in the world, and they needed a way to engage their high-value customers (HVC), both in real life and virtually, and to incentivise and reward them for continued engagement. They also needed to upgrade their lead generation. Temenos also pride themselves on being a company which puts digital transformation first, so the solution needed to reflect this brand positioning.


The idea 

The answer was to create a unique virtual platform called Temenos Cubes. The Temenos Cubes were developed to engage, incentivise and reward HVCs and augment the company's lead generation. These Cubes are built on a revolutionary digital platform called Virtual Atoms, and it allows the distribution of infinite digital tokens virtually. These smart digital assets can work on any device and integrate AR, geolocation, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, 5G connectivity, and gamification into one unique little pixel product. They can be designed in any way you choose, and be assigned any value: monetary, VIP entry, exclusive content, competition prizes and more.


The solution

Temenos launched their Cubes at Sibos, the renowned annual banking and financial conference where Temenos always has a presence, and used them as a virtual competition tool to promote engagement.


The conference attendees were able to collect the cubes in real-time using Augmented Reality - no matter where they were physically in the world. Once collected and part of the attendee's digital inventory, their name was put into a draw to win daily prizes. This is just one example of its application: you can use them to engage with customers at almost any marketing touchpoint. Since Sibos, Temenos has built on the Cubes platform for other events and has offered more options within engagement and lead generation.


Making it extraordinary 

Temenos has launched a revolutionary digital platform that uses virtual atoms to reward their high-value customers, and which has upgraded their engagement and lead-generation. It has levelled up their brand equity, built them a reputation of being pioneers in the banking software industry and raised awareness of the brand in the markets that matter.

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