gamification for the win


The challenge

Two years on, and our award-winning Bring It to Win It campaign was on an upward trajectory with another cricket season lined up to help us get even more people to refrain from using single-use plastic water bottles. But the pandemic had other plans.

Reduced venue capacity and essential COVID-safe restrictions that had to be put in place unfortunately removed our opportunity to speak to our community face-to-face.

Needless to say, with the 2020 fan experience shifting largely to digital, our Sydney Water cricket-sponsorship campaign required a major refresh.


The idea 

Watching the game at home is not typically a key hydration moment. So, our challenge was to find a relevant, fun way to create an association between Sydney Water, and a moment in the game that would continue to drive awareness of the brand as the ultimate source of hydration.

The gamification utilised in the campaign the previous two years resulted in increased engagement rates, an objective that would have to drive this campaign too. Our sponsorship assets also had to work harder, utilising social and enhancing interactivity to further our footprint beyond the stadium.


The solution

The gamification and instant-win technology that drove the Bring It to Win it campaign was a huge success with Sixers and Thunder fans. 


Our aim was to find a way to use a similar approach online, whilst intrinsically linking our message to something a wider audience would never tire of – the celebratory moment of hitting a six! And so the WHAAATA SIX campaign was born. Using the Sydney Sixers and Sydney Thunder social channels, players invited fans to register to play along at home during their games. Every time their team hit a six, fans would get a chance to play and instantly win exclusive merchandise. For every six entries, fans would also go into the draw to win a meet-and-greet with the players – an extra incentive to bring players back each game.

The instant-win approach added excitement, urgency and anticipation to an already gripping competition and our key message enforced that the world-class play the viewers were watching on the pitch, was fueled by the ultimate hydrator, Sydney Water.


Making it extraordinary 

The structure of the gamified campaign encouraged fans to not only register to play, but to play again and again throughout the season, giving us the time to solidify the message that Sydney Water is the ultimate hydrator, whilst building huge love for the brand.

Australians are intrinsically known for their colloquialisms i.e. Howzat!, which we accredited a large part of the WHAAATA SIX campaign title to. Connecting to fans through their everyday vernacular led to be the initial hook which drove them to the official landing page.

It wasn’t the campaign we had originally planned for the last year of our 3-year strategy, but it ended up being even better, allowing us to form a community with an even wider audience, smashing brand engagement out of the park.  

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