The challenge

Centrica is a global house of brands that provides energy solutions, which includes household names such as British Gas, Direct Energy, and Hive. They needed a B2B partner to provide a strategic and creative plan that covered several marketing goals across their brand portfolio. Key objectives included: to research and identify the right vertical sectors to target, to drive lead generation and engagement among high-value customers (HVCs), and to help define Centrica as an innovative energy pioneer. Traditional B2B marketing just wouldn’t cut it – this required a whole new level of comprehensive research, consumer insight, strategic planning, and flawless brand activation.


The idea

Centrica is a massive machine with plenty of moving parts that required bespoke marketing mechanics and a long-term partnership, not just a one-off campaign for short-term results. The answer: the Because team provided a revolutionary new B2B marketing framework for Centrica that was underpinned by in-depth research that helped them to identify and target key vertical sectors. This deep focus on research and upfront planning at the start of the relationship was new to the sales team, and it offered game-changing rewards. Not only did it mean that the right amount of investment was directed at the most critical events, but it also drastically improved the overall ROI of the annual programme of events.


The solution

The Centrica Business Solutions team was forged to deliver High Value Customers and to help build up the brand as an innovative leader. Our 



team used research and analysis to target key verticals, and introduced smart proprietary tools like our Venue Selection Model (VSM), which has been honed over twenty years to optimise location planning. The VSM empowered the CBS team to evaluate and rank all event options by scoring them against set criteria.

Once the venues were selected, the team set out on re-imagining live events and branded content, overhauling the client messaging at every digital and social touchpoint, and tightening the internal sales funnel for higher-quality leads. The suite of gadgets created included Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), interactive touch screens, drones, e-CRM, and more, and they were integrated across all the different events and marketing communication touchpoints.



The real success of this immersive digital and experiential roadshow was due to the power of the virtual and physical techniques that were used to entertain and educate the kids. It was the perfect combination of virtual and real, as the kids got to play with a real water-themed environment complete with dressing up in work uniforms and radio-based gameplay through to exploring a bespoke Minecraft water world and VR adventures of the water journey. The campaign offers an unforgettable and – most importantly – a fun way for kids to explore and engage with water.

If you’d like to create a customer-facing platform or roadshow that uses virtual and physical experiences to educate or share your brand messaging, give us a shout. We help you tap into new markets and results using the latest technology.

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