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Sainsbury's Live Well for Less

Watch and learn, try, then buy

When Sainsbury’s launched its new ad campaign ‘Live Well for Less’, we helped bring the promise to life in mouth-watering style.

Another example of BEcause delivering our brand experiences smoothly and effectively.
Loretta Freeman, Food Experience & Events Manager, Sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s wanted to cement 'Live Well For Less' in customers’ minds, and enable people with smaller budgets to make the most of their everyday experiences through great products and services. 

We converted an old shipping container and a trailer unit into homely outdoor kitchens, and toured the UK, feeding crowds with cooking tips and tasty samples.

From the stand design to the hand-picked chefs and brand ambassadors, this was all about making people feel at home. As would-be chefs became inspired by the easy-cook recipes and convinced by the delicious results, ingredients started flying off the shelves. Live Facebook Q&A’s also rounded off the experience.

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Backing up advertising claims with real world experiences is a powerful combination. It’s the very ethos of experiential marketing: don’t just tell people, show them. Find out how sampling can help boost awareness for your brand.

Sainsbury's Live Well for Less
Sainsbury's Live Well for Less
Sainsbury's Live Well for Less

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