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Reebok The Pump

A pumped up pop up

When Reebok wanted help kick-starting the launch of an innovative new shoe, we got things moving.

By bringing the unique properties of the Zpump fusion to life with interactive technology, and allowing consumers the opportunity to test for themselves how the product molds to their own feet, we were able to support the launch in a fun and interactive way that also supported key Reebok retailers.
Gwyn Humphreys, Account Director, BEcause

Building on a very strong brand heritage, Reebok wanted to communicate the unique features of its new ZPump Fusion trainer by surprising and delighting a target audience of passionate health and fitness fans.

We created a branded, eye-catching inflatable pop-up dome, taking it to key locations across London over 6 days of live activity. We combined theatre and technology to bring the ZPumps to life and drive traffic to local Reebok stores.

Professional free runners attracted crowds and created dwell time. Once inside the dome, BOSU ball fitness challenges and promotional giveaways incentivised consumers to experience the fusion technology through trials and 3D foot scans.

customer engagements
trials of ZPump Fusion
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Consumers love to try new things. Drawing on this curiosity for new experiences, our playful campaign drove awareness, sales and brand love for Reebok. Discover how our experiential marketing servicescan help increase brand love. 


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