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Public Health England Be Clear on Cancer

Talk to someone who understands

Ignoring or simply not knowing the signs and symptoms of cancer can be fatal. But it’s hard to forget a conversation with someone who’s been there themselves.

Britain’s embarrassment or inability to recognise cancer symptoms has made our cancer survival rates the lowest in Europe. Our objective was to educate niche audiences on the key signs and symptoms of cancer and encourage people to go and see their GP.

We recruited and trained former cancer sufferers to go out and talk to over 50s about signs and symptoms to look out for. We used real people with real stories to humanise our message.
more likely to visit a GP if they had any Oeseophegeal cancer symptoms
1 in 6
visited GP as a result of engagement
Not every live experiential event is about selling more product. Sometimes the goal’s a lot bigger – like saving lives. And nowhere is the human touch more valued. Discover how to engage hard-to-reach-audiences to maximise the impact of your message.