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The coffee industry globally has grown massively in the last five years, and according to Businesswire, the worldwide java market is anticipated to reach a whopping US$134 billion in 2024. Along with the growth and the tumultuous effects of Covid-19 in 2020, the coffee competition is fierce, and it is increasingly difficult to excel in a noisy, disruptive market – especially when you’re a niche supplier of exotic beans. In this specific case, we were asked to raise the awareness of Peruvian specialty coffee among roasters, buyers and importers across ANZ in a smartly re imagined, Covid-19-safe trade event. The paradise of Peru is renowned for its biological diversity and unforgettable travel experiences, but they’re also the producer of some of the finest coffee in the world. We needed to drive both consideration and trial sessions of their coffee beans.



The good news: they're a marketer's dream given the products and their story is genuinely amazing. So, the solution was simply to get the right people to try it and to understand the heritage behind the beans. These decision-markers are the importers, buyers, roasters and baristas; all the coffee connoisseurs that end up deciding on the products that are served in cafes and restaurants and sold in shops. Our socially distanced solution was to turn a traditional trade event into a slick virtual tasting adventure. This was not just about taste tests and cupping sessions, it was about sharing the culture, love and passion behind the Peruvian production.



We produced a stimulating 60-minute-long coffee sensory journey called ‘Flavours with Altitude’ that guided the audience through tastes, smells, sounds and conversation as they experienced the quality of Peruvian coffee. Even better, we harnessed the best of the digital and physical, as we sent beautifully designed bespoke coffee seeding kits to the first 70 people in Australia and New Zealand who signed up for the adventure. These unique cupping kits came with three different coffee bean varieties and a tasting guide to help them brew along with the barista. The journey started with a welcome from Mario Vargas, Trade Commissioner of Peru, and an industry update, before transporting the coffee buyers to the land of Peru to hear from Richard Jaramillo, Director of Facial Coffee. Then Zest Coffee and IncaFé roasters provided insight into what makes Peruvian coffee beans so unique, followed by the live cupping session hosted by industry expert, Melissa Caia.



The real strength of this session was provided by the powerful blend of virtual and physical – the attendees were able to chat and ask questions on the live Q&A, and we ran a competition to give away one-kilogram's worth of pure coffee gold: the Peruvian speciality coffee beans. This drove interaction and it kept participants glued to their screens: the average view time was an unbelievable four hours! For buyers that missed the event, there was an on-demand version of the event on the website.

If you’d like to turn a real-life, in-person event into a global digital experience like the one above, then the first thing you’ll need to do (after making a coffee, of course), is to draw up a detailed brief. We can of course help here too. Contact us now for a cuppa and to start transforming your next event together.

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