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Pampers World of Babies

See the world through your baby’s eyes

As new parents, it’s sometimes hard to know what your baby needs when it comes to growing, sleeping and playing. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could put yourself in their booties?

This GLOBE-winning roadshow exceeded all objectives on time and on budget. The 5% rise in market share was a remarkable achievement for a promotion of this kind.
Katie Penfold, Managing Partner, BEcause

Pampers understands every stage of a baby’s development and carefully designs its nappies to meet each stage. Our challenge was to translate this knowledge and expertise into high-quality experiential events.

Using award-winning ‘walk-through’ live experiences, parents experienced the world from their baby’s perspective in magical over-sized worlds. Inspired by Pampers’ own research, we brought baby insights to life in a memorable and meaningful way.

Giant toy trains and caterpillars toured key supermarkets and shopping centres nationally, where parents and toddlers could explore imaginative discovery pods. Having won their hearts, turning their minds to buying nappies was then child’s play.

word of mouth

This campaign has won numerous awards for creative effectiveness, including Best Experience Worldwide (Globes). But most importantly, it got thousands and thousands of mums talking to each other about the experience – and the brand. Find out how to use travelling roadshows to maximise the impact of your next campaign.

Pampers World of Babies
Pampers World of Babies
Pampers World of Babies

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