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NIVEA Electric Picnic 2017

Festival goers freshen up with the ultimate shower experience

Hour after hour of partying hard and sleeping in a tent can sure take its toll on personal hygiene. With the help of Because, NIVEA came to the rescue at one of Ireland’s largest music festivals with a cleansing and refreshing experience that showcased its range of men’s and women’s shower gels.

Opportunities to sample shower gels are very limited; it’s not easy to practically demonstrate the selling points of a shower gel without access to both running water and privacy. NIVEA turned to Because to find the ideal solution to reach its target 18-34 year old demographic: our challenge was to create an experience where consumers could enjoy NIVEA’s range for themselves.  

We identified Electric Picnic as the ideal location for a very unique NIVEA sampling campaign. The brand sponsored the shower zone of one of the festival’s main campsites – the Jimmy Hendrix area – and gave visitors the chance to wash away the grime and feel refreshed. As well as a fully-branded shower marquee, NIVEA’s bespoke zone also included a chill-out seating area with branded deck chairs and music, plus glamour stations offering cleansing wipes, moisturisers and other NIVEA products to enhance the invigorating experience. A team of friendly brand ambassadors were on hand throughout, educating consumers about the products and offering samples to take away.

people visited the NIVEA shower zone
men’s and women’s shower gel samples distributed
of those surveyed afterwards would consider buying NIVEA products