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New World Stars of Starship: Little Gardens 2017

Memorable and personal two-day brand experience for Starship’s ‘Little Stars’

New World, the 100% New Zealand owned and operated supermarket chain, is a proud five-star sponsor of national children’s charity the Starship Foundation. The supermarket, which offers its hugely popular Little Garden seedling kits to loyal customers, wanted to find a way to bring the joy of gardening, plants and the environment to children at Starship’s children’s hospital. Because came up with an event that combined the two ideas in creative, fun and inviting fashion.   

New World’s goal was to introduce the ‘little stars’ of gardens – the incredible roles that butterflies and bees play in nature – to Starship’s very own little stars. The brand looked to achieve this with a memorable event that would bring happiness to Starship’s children and their families through Little Garden, leverage New World’s Starship sponsorship with highly watchable storytelling, and drive brand engagement with New World and Little Garden. The challenge for Because was to ensure that the campaign message would thrive beyond a single activation by creating a feeling of happiness that would transcend the live brand experience and live on through compelling, highly shareable content.

We delivered an emotive two-day “Little Garden Stars of Starship” event that was hosted by New Zealand singer-songwriter Jason Kerrison, children’s TV personality Jason Faa’foi, and The Hits’ breakfast show presenters. Educational sessions, facilitated by Starship School teachers, allowed children to get creative and learn about nature, with the children and their siblings working together in groups to write poems, sing songs, take part in ‘fashion shows’ and create treasured items to keep and enjoy. The individual talents were showcased on a colourful, themed ‘Little Garden Stage’ within an encouraging, supportive setting. The Starship Foundation’s Corporate Partnerships Manager said that “feedback from the teachers had been overwhelmingly positive, and all of the children loved it.”

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