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Nature Valley’s Natural Treat/Blissfully Delicious Sampling campaign

Tapping into a natural treat moments

With consumer's increasing apppetite for naturally made food, Nature Valley’s blissfully delicious Sweet & Salty Nut Peanut & Nut Butter Peanut bars were just the ticket for the UK market. Our sampling campaign targeted consumers at key consumption times, while driving connection to the product's 100% real ingredients.

Natures Valley_main

With the relaunch of Sweet and Salty Nut Peanut and the UK launch of Nut Butter Peanut bars, Nature Valley needed to build brand equity and focus on their above the line message: “We believe that everything starts with good ingredients”. 

We activated in 6 areas around London over 6 days to align with Nature Valley's TV adverts. The campaign targeted key locations including food markets, roof-top cinemas, green spaces, parks and coffee shops to facilitate a deeper relationships with the consumer. We went above simply providing brand-in-hand by tapping into that natural treat moment at key snacking times during the day. Consumers were also offered the chance to win healthy prizes with an instant-win scratch card, which also featured a link to a Nature Valley landing page where they could download money off vouchers. We also worked in conjunction with HelloFresh and offered their 50,000 subscribers two blissfully delicious samples made with real ingredients.
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