mission mosaic


The challenge

Manulife asked Because to create a globally aligned employee-engagement campaign. We needed to introduce the company’s new vision, values and visual identity to their employees, and emphasize the role each and every staff member across the globe had to play in moving the company forward.

The idea

Manulife is huge group, with offices across multiple countries with a huge amount of culturally different people working for them. We wanted to do something memorable that made everyone feel united under the Manulife brand, wherever they were in the world.


We created an interactive exhibition event, which we rolled out in multiple locations across the USA, Canada and Asia.

Bespoke digital photobooths with a pre-programmed quiz app were placed in prominent Manulife offices. The quiz introduced the employees to the new values, and helped them understand each of them. At the end, they were able to take a fun photo which captured them with the value that resonated with them most.

The images were then used to create a mosaic, which was broadcast live globally for all employees to see. This reminded people that they were part of one large business family, and allowed them to put faces to the names of colleagues from different markets they might only ever have known via email.


Manulife could have just sent an all-staff emailer. But helping them make the communication engaging allowed the business to portray important information in a way employees would remember, whilst uniting them under the new brand expression. 






mission mosaic