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The Macallan Residence

Unlock your senses

For those that love style and good taste, The Macallan is the malt scotch whisky of choice. Our job was to introduce more discerning consumers to this very special brand.

Of all the agencies we use, BEcause’s real time evaluation and methods are the most impressive. Their work is always rigorously evaluated with any improvements identified and implemented immediately.
Emma Heath, Marketing Controller, Maxxium
BEcause were tasked with increasing awareness among younger affluent males by educating them on The Macallan 1824 Series and its premium credentials making it the number one luxury spirit.

For two nights only, we transformed illustrious London venue Two Temple Place into The Macallan Residence, for a ticketed sensory tour through the Macallan 1824 series. 


During two hours of tantalising treats, guests enjoyed carefully-curated fashion, food and style experiences, whilst savouring a range of Macallan’s single malts and whisky cocktails.

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Pop-up events offer a powerful platform to engage your target audience and create buzz. This experience enlightened taste buds, educated noses and inspired iconic style choices – unlocking the very essence of The Macallan brand story.

Macallan Residence
Macallan Residence
Macallan Residence
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