Mark & Gavin’s Story

The challenge

LetsGetChecked (LGC), an at-home testing health and wellness company, asked Because to help them bring a moving client-story to life, in order to promote awareness about early testing for colon cancer.

The idea

Colon Cancer is one of the UK’s most common causes of cancer-related deaths. Regular screenings can help detect it earlier, but to take the public NHS test, you have to be a specified age, and sadly it’s often too late by then.

Mark, a LGC customer, was concerned about colon cancer. Being a year under the NHS screening age, he took a LGC at-home test. Unfortunately, he screened positive, and was diagnosed with late-stage colon cancer. Mark tragically died 14 months later, leaving his close friend, Gavin, a sum of money to get their group of friends tests so they could all be screened.


It’s this story LetsGetChecked and Gavin wanted to share.


We created an online video featuring Gavin, that told the moving, but hard-hitting story of Mark’s journey, and their friendship that ended too soon. The film highlights the importance of early detection, and encourages viewers to use the LetsGetChecked at-home screening test so they know their status.


LetsGetChecked gave Gavin 150 kits to fulfil Mark’s wish, and the money was donated to a charity in Mark’s name.

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