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LEGO Family Roadshow

Want to come for a play date?

Three experiential events in one. This pioneering multi-brand roadshow offered something for the whole family – boys, girls, toddlers and parents.

I was greatly impressed with the attitude and engaging nature of the demo staff and the reaction of the kids at the event.
Stuart Picton, Senior Brand Manager, LEGO Chima - UK

LEGO's key challenge was to immerse kids in the world of Chima, Duplo and Friends. They needed a highly engaging multi-brand roadshow-style event that increased sales and recruited members to the LEGO Club.

We immersed parents and kids in the worlds of LEGO Chima, LEGO Friends and Duplo. What better way to explore and discover the wonder of LEGO?

From storytelling to model-building and nail-painting to character-racing, we created a host of magical live brand experiences for different ages. We wrapped it all up into one giant LEGO experience, unveiled at Westfield, MK Centre, Lollibop and LEGOLAND.

Opportunities to see

And thousands and thousands of big smiles on happy little faces. Find out how to use travelling roadshows to maximise the impact of your next campaign.

LEGO Family Roadshow
LEGO Family Roadshow
LEGO Family Roadshow

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