The challenge

Jose Cuervo (JC) is the world's (and our agency's) number one tequila. So, we were more than thrilled when Proximo (Global Spirits Portfolio) asked Because to help them revitalise their brand. There's no doubt the brand is well-known worldwide, what it was lacking was consistency across global markets. Brands distributed in multiple markets often face this same challenge. Our ever-growing digital world and the fact that consumers are becoming global citizens means the likelihood of people seeing how brands behave across different boarders is so high. So, consistency has never been more important.

JC is also historically enjoyed as a late-night party shot. But globally the way people are drinking is changing - less is now more and quality is becoming king. Our challenge was to build a consistent brand identity that would be applied to everything from ATL, through to digital, activation and activation assets. These guidelines also needed to have the flex to suit every market's specific needs, adapt to local cultural nuances and consider the changing global drinking trends. 


The idea 

We looked to JC's roots for inspiration - Mexico. Modern Mexico has an incredible vibrancy to it. From architecture to food, there's a constant thread of colour and energy, which is at the heart of the brand. This formed the foundation of our idea, Mexican Energy. We took a modern interpretation of Mexico and created Jose's new brand world around it. 



Inspired by the idea of Mexican Energy, we developed a series of global toolkits:


  1. New iconography and a set of brand guidelines
  2. A global activation toolkit, adaptable to the local market
  3. An APAC bespoke set of guidelines
  4. A BTL communication toolkit covering social and communication assets

In addition to revitalising the brand, the toolkits gave JC ownable experiences, creative assets, and a new serve ritual. Looking at the global trend of the decline-of-shot consumption, we also used the guidelines to reintroduce Jose to the markets with different colours defining two distinct drinking occasions; day and night. Day for the refreshing, longer serve - a more interesting alternative to the conventional gin and vodka. And night, for the traditional late-night, party shot.



We created a 3-tiered model for the guidelines; Fixed - must dos, Flexible - nice-to-dos, and Free - you choose what to do. This model helped us establish global consistency, but also empowered the different markets to do what's right for them to ensure local relevance. 

As brand custodians of Jose, Because works with EMEA and APAC teams to help them shape their campaigns effectively, and to ensure every piece of communication done works to build the brand's global footprint. Feel free to get in touch for the facts and figures.

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