Heineken zero



The challenge

Heineken is globally renowned for their great-tasting beers in the very familiar green branding, and heritage as a border-spanning brewer. Their challenge to the Because team in Ireland: to help the company introduce their new alcohol-free product to an audience of discerning male and female beer lovers in the age group of 25 and older. As part of this launch, consumers had to understand and appreciate the message of enjoying beer without any consequence, and Heineken wanted to be seen as spearheading the fast-growing alcohol-free movement. The toughest parts of this challenge: to convince the die-hard sceptics about the benefits of non-alcoholic beer, and to show that the famous Heineken flavour hadn’t been lost in the translation into the new product. To sum up, it had to overcome taste and legacy fears, increase visibility, and to educate drinkers - all within one comprehensive experiential campaign.


The idea

To break stereotypes and overturn conventions, the only answer to this challenge was to get beer in the target audience's hand, and for them to taste the beer. This campaign would have to address various need states of the consumer and to quickly and effectively extend the reach of this new product in a rapidly growing market. The solution was an integrated experiential campaign that hit the road, literally, in a distinctive branded camper van, a touring vending machine, and a super team of brand ambassadors.  


the solution

The roadshow experience travelled across Ireland over several months and specifically targeted a host of audiences in need of a refreshing, non-


alcoholic beer. The camper van and the A-Team visited shopping malls and created beer-in-hand activations and taste sessions to help convert consumers. The team also targeted corporate offices and handed out Heineken Zero drops to employees. Sports events were catered for too, and the promotional team made sure that the green and blue bottles and cans were in hands...everywhere. These activations showed that these beers could be safely enjoyed in all kinds of environments, including work and sports, as there is no consequence to drinking Heineken Zero. It underlined the brand as a beer for all occasions.

This combination of structured location partnerships and guerrilla marketing tactics translated into a massive number of people tasting the new Heineken Zero beer, and the campaign significantly elevated word-of-mouth and brand awareness. The numbers involved were proof of that: over 750,000 samples were shared, and there were over 2 million engagements.



This campaign had to be both practical and innovative to change the hearts and minds of beer drinkers. It needed to emphasize that the taste was still the same much loved, high-quality Heineken taste. This smart combination of on-site activations and customised experiences across Ireland helped to drive positive awareness for this beer for all occasions and amplified engagement and customer conversion. The bottom line here: taking an unconventional approach to overturn stereotypes has paid off with refreshing results.

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