haval and great wall

fieldays 2019


The challenge

To introduce Haval (a new challenger brand vehicle in NZ) and to reacquaint Kiwi drivers with Great Wall vehicles, by showcasing their incredible features, thus creating opportunities for dealerships.

The idea 

At Fieldays 2019, two uniquely themed spaces were created for the two very different brands, and brought together under one roof.

The solution

The two concept areas created consisted of a city-centric space for Haval drivers, and a light and bright café area with complimentary coffees - ideally placed for a pit stop and to initiate a business discussion, after a long walk through the large Fieldays site.

Making it extraordinary 

Vehicles were on display, encouraging visitors to get hands-on with 5 different models and to explore the hero vehicle decked out with a rooftop tent (ideal for those dreaming about a great Kiwi long weekends).

The Great Wall zone featured a multi-functional space, exhibiting the versatility of the vehicles, along with emotive artwork, transporting Fieldays go-ers to the beach, the bush and a work site (the vehicle featured a hay bale, a dirt bike and native plants).

The activation was complimented by themed goodie bags, featuring branded merchandise and mini H9 Haval model vehicles for the kids to take home. 


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in depth & MEANINGFUL interactions

haval and great wall

fieldays 2019