a fan favourite at comic con

The challenge

Hasbro, the world’s largest toy maker, asked Because to help them promote their status as experts in the comic book and science fiction/fantasy world within the Fandom. 

The idea

With brands like Star Wars, Marvel, Power Rangers and Transformers under the Hasbro ‘cape’, there is no better place to connect with the Fandom, than at Comic Con.


It takes a lot to stand out at Comic Con, so we created a Hasbro space no fan could possibly resist. We attracted visitors with exclusive products and reveals, increased dwell time by displaying role-play items and action figures for fans to interact with, and secured return visitors with hourly incentives like photo ops and merchandise giveaways.


A Hasbro-branded stage had the Fandom vying for their space in the stand to see the not-to-be-missed panel talks and Q&A’s with experts in the comic book, sci-fi and fantasy fields.


Social networking is the perfect online partner for live-brand experiences. So naturally, the brand activation was designed to encourage visitors to the stand to take photographs and share their experience with their social networks online.

The three photo opportunities and the thoughtfully designed backdrops were a huge hit with both adults and children alike, ensuring Hasbro’s Comic Con stand lived well beyond the event itself.

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