earning scarily good engagement with social media and kols



Halloween is a crucial sales period for sweet and confectionary companies globally, but it’s also a time that’s full of marketing noise. HARIBO, the world-renowned confectionary company, wanted to raise awareness of their Halloween range and drive engagement on their brand-new, super sweet, HARIBO Instagram account as well as turn up the dial on their Facebook content. This campaign also had to be Covid-conscious, whilst still being fun and reminding customers of the happiness that can be found in every HARIBO bag.



We wanted to inspire families to create HARIBO Halloween happiness despite the difficult circumstances, so we collaborated with some carefully chosen Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to create the “Share the Scare with HARIBO” campaign. The campaign was divided into three different verticals and categories so that key audiences could be targeted: Fun Loving Families, Big Kids and Playful Foodies. Three versions of bespoke gift boxes of HARIBO Halloween treats were then sent to the KOLs within those categories before the Halloween period, to inspire them to capture creative organic content leading up to the ‘holiday’. And inspire we did, because the content they created was a real treat!



The effectiveness of this campaign came down to several factors: collaborating with the right influencers; creating a potent mix of content types like unboxing reels, treat-making tips and recipes, and fun themed ideas like treasure hunts or playing dress-up. The engagement was driven through intelligent interaction between the HARIBO accounts and the KOLs across Instagram and Facebook, and the different content formats, and the Because team carefully boosted specific posts to get the best engagement and to raise awareness.  



The ‘Share the Scare’ campaign provided frightfully good results: the engagement rate was 9.4 times higher than the target, and it reached almost 450,000 unique users – 5 per cent above the overall campaign target. And most importantly, the creative content of the campaign cut through the marketing noise and shared memorable and inspirational Halloween happiness with target customers.

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