GILLETTE Proshield



The challenge

Because was asked to demo Gillette’s new top-tier razor in stores. An obvious problem though, is that sharp objects are vetoed for in-store demonstrations in Australia.

Aussie men also don’t really engage with the shaving category. They’re happy with their disposables, so grabbing their attention was going to be a considerable challenge.  

The idea 

Irritation is the number one complaint from male shavers. Gillette tackled this with the introduction of the Fusion ProShield, an innovative top-tier razor with lubricated blades.

We needed to demo the new razor to persuade men that irritation was now a thing of the past, but without actually ‘demoing’ the razor. Just a little challenge…

The solution

Hello virtual reality… We created a ground-breaking VR experience that showcased the ProShield product benefits - from a new angle. The smooth action of the lubricated blades became a virtual roller-coaster ride.

The experience took consumers on an exhilarating journey, dipping them past an uncomfortable shaver using a disposable razor, and climbing up to see a content shaver using the new ProShield.

A close-up of a male’s face showing the effect of the razor’s unique lubrication strips ended the thrilling ’ride’.

Making it extraordinary  

360° VR content is something completely new and different in this space. The unique approach to this brief enabled us to overcome in-store-demo limitations, and break consumers out of their aisle-shopping autopilot mode.