The challenge

Finery is a fast-growing low-calorie, low-alcohol cocktail drinks company based in New Zealand. Their challenge to the Because team: they wanted to boost the awareness of Finery and their liquid products on social media, and specifically, drive organic reach and engagement on their key channels: Instagram (IG) and Facebook. Their audience is predominantly made up of discerning, higher demographic, health-conscious, female New Zealanders in their thirties who are interested in food, socialising, and leisure activities. This is a target market which is prominent on both IG and Facebook, but the real challenge: how will the team cut through the noise and visual traffic on both channels to crush the Finery goals?

The idea

To get the most bang-for-buck in a highly competitive marketing channel that’s rife with promoted posts and influencer strategies, the Because team crafted a smart strategy that was underpinned by a two-week-long competition. This was supported by key opinion leaders (KOLs) as partners, and then boosted through sponsored ads and promoted content. Not only was this a high-value option, it also neatly navigated the alcohol advertising regulations in New Zealand, a semi-dark market. The idea behind the competition: Win the Finest Night In. The prize included a spectacular grazing table with local culinary delights, slick cocktail accessories (including branded cocktail glasses and reusable straws), and some branded merch like t-shirts and beach bags. This competition idea nailed three goals. Firstly, it tapped into the home-cocktail trend which has skyrocketed during 2020. Secondly, it aligned perfectly with Finery brand values. And lastly, it helped to support local businesses, another common theme in 2020.


The competition was carefully broken down into three phases so the 


engagement and awareness could be maximised. Week one covered the competition launch on the Finery page and was supported by sponsored ads and boosted content. The second week saw the introduction of micro-influencers as partners. These influencers posted the Finery content on

their pages, and the Because team boosted the most engaging posts from these influencers to amplify the reach. The last phase was the winner announcement. It ended the campaign on a high note and drove the final round of conversions and brand goals. All the results easily achieved the goals: reach, impressions, conversions, competition entries, and of course, IG follower increase (up a whopping 159 percent!). The conversion rate ended up at 8.3% overall, but it had reached 12.3% after the best ads had been optimised. The engagement rate of the Finery IG account went from 4.9% to 7.87% through this campaign. Most of the click-throughs were from women aged 25 plus, living in urban areas – which is precisely what the client wanted. The split testing showed that, surprisingly, the ‘B’ versions of the paid creative were more successful, so the A/B testing paid off.


The success of this competition showed how a canny influencer strategy, sound planning, and a tight content brief can reap potent results at a relatively low cost. This collaborative campaign smashed the Finery’s targets and helped the brand leverage a global trend to create more positive awareness, and amplify customer engagement and reach.

If you’d like to toast to the success of your brand on social media, and explore how an influencer strategy can dramatically increase your brand’s followers, contact us now, and we’ll make sure you’ve got plenty to celebrate.

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