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Evian Live Young Backyard

Relive your childhood

Remember the pure innocence and freedom of childhood? That’s what we wanted Aussies to feel when bringing Evian’s “Live Young” platform to life in Sydney.

The Evian Backyard helped Sydneysiders get in touch with their inner child, bringing to life the essence of the global brand platform 'live young'
Meredith Cranmer, Managing Partner, BEcause
Evian’s global message is to ‘Live Young’. So they wanted to deliver a fully integrated experience that enabled their target audience to relive their childhood and discover their inner child again. 

We recreated a typical Australian backyard in high street locations, and invited locals to relive an iconic childhood memory: swinging on their mum’s rotary clothesline.

Oversized pink chairs, tables, cricket sets and a clothesline on a green lawn let locals go back in time and ‘live young’. Integrated PR, blogger and social media strategies amplified the campaign’s visibility. 

consumer engagement
increase in Facebook likes
shift in brand position

An experience that tapped into personal memories, triggered great emotional reactions, and worked up a healthy thirst and appreciation for Evian. Discover how to unleash the power of experiential marketingfor your brand. 

Evian Live Young Backyard
Evian Live Young Backyard

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