EchoNous is a cutting-edge software development company founded in the USA, that specialises in developing revolutionary medical tools that combine the latest in AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques with extremely miniaturised ultrasound technology for body scanning. The USP of this company is that they streamline the diagnostic process and combine the traditional work of several different medical machines and monitors into fewer, easier-to-use, versatile handheld tools. Not only do these tools make diagnostic checks easier for medical workers, crucially, the process becomes less painful (not everyone is blessed with veins at the ready!) and time-consuming for patients too. One of their latest products, the EchoNous Vein, is a handheld tool that uses ultrasound technology to help medical staff quickly find and assess veins so that they can accurately place an IV in their patients. EchoNous approached the Because team to help showcase this product effectively to medical practitioners around the world, both at exhibitions and in hospital sales settings.



To effectively promote this smart medical tool, the Because team harnessed a different kind of cutting-edge technology: VR (Virtual Reality) and created an intricate virtual world and medical hospital room setting for potential clients to explore. This technology allowed them to use the EchoNous Vein on a patient in real-time, albeit a pixel version of one. All that's needed is a VR-enabled headset like the Oculus Rift, and then the benefits of the EchoNous Vein can be showcased in vivid high-definition detail to medical customers and hospital staff in almost any kind of setting, making the sales pitch more dynamic and effective.



This VR tactic had two major benefits: it's a perfect brand fit for EchoNous and its identity as an innovator, and it could be used by all their sales staff worldwide, at both exhibitions and in visits to hospitals and medical centres. This approach also added a professional gamification element to the sales process. Not only could potential customers get hands on and explore the pixel ward for themself seeing how the EchoNous Vein worked with 'live' ultrasound graphics, but they could also interact with the digital nurse and patient. This added a little fun to the whole process and revealed the future of medical sales through harnessing innovative creative technology such as VR.



The success of this campaign shows how innovative technology can streamline and upgrade the sales process, as it empowered the EchoNous staff to promote their products effectively anywhere, and at any time. Standing out in a crowded business environment is often also a challenge, so using an unexpected sales technique proved to be highly impactful.

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