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Dropbox Summer Festival

Welcome to Xanadu

When Dropboxers want to party, not any old theme will do. We pulled out all the stops to transform the popular file hosting company’s annual summer bash into a twisting, tumbling, sumptuous celebration.

The can-do attitude, enthusiasm and energy from the BEcause team was a joy throughout the organising process and we received amazing feedback afterwards from attendees.
Jonathan Killeen, EMEA Office Manager, Dropbox

Dropbox was looking for a creative spin on its annual Summer BBQ for its Dublin team and their families. With a stunning venue already secured, BEcause’s task was to think big and come up with a concept that would captivate and enchant the team, and make it a party to remember.

Our team in Ireland channelled their creativity to deliver ‘Xanadu,’ a highly memorable celebration of imagination, curiosity, illusion and confusion. Our bespoke fantasy world of wonderment allowed Dropboxers to experience a party like no other alongside their families and partners.

Working to a very strict budget, we created bespoke structures and branded assets in advance to ensure that this was a one-of-a-kind experience for 350 Dropbox guests. We built Magnakata village which saw traditional Irish bands perform for the crowd; brought in fire entertainers, magicians and dancers to dazzle guests throughout the day; and served up face painting, kids yoga and farmyard tours for younger attendees. The magic was capped off with a glasshouse that turned into a nightclub in the late hours.

Employee engagement is highly personal, and corporate events must be tailored to your audience to hit the mark. We worked side-by-side to deliver an event that Dropbox will be talking about for years to come.

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