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Continental Tyres

Gripping stuff for tyre manufacturer

Get a grip. That’s what we allowed passionate cycling fans to do when we delivered a memorable series of live brand experiences during the Prudential RideLondon festival.

The excellent experiential marketing provided by BEcause served as the perfect platform to bring our product’s performance to life to a highly-relevant audience.
Peter Robb, Marketing Communications Manager, Continental Tyres

Grip is a hugely important part of Continental Tyres’ offering. But it’s not the easiest message to get across. Our task was to engage with users on an emotional level, showcasing the ultimate grip functionality of Continental’s tyres in memorable, fun and relevant fashion.

Making the most of Continental’s official partnership of the 2016 Prudential RideLondon-Surrey Classic race, we delivered a series of live activations in Green Park, St Paul’s and Kingston. These combined immersive technologies with engaging interactive experiences to add a whole extra dimension to the popular race.

Cyclists and non-cyclists alike navigated the actual race course through an exhilarating Virtual Reality experience. Fans also had the chance to take part in a mind-bending visual and photographic experience that was just perfect for social sharing.

VR engagements
participant photos taken
race fans reached

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