The challenge

CISCO is a multi-national technology pioneer that develops networking hardware, software, telecoms equipment and cutting-edge cloud-based services. They needed help with rebranding easylease in the EMEA region, a ground-breaking financing solution for entrepreneurs and start-ups that provides smart business services for a monthly cost. CISCO products offer seamless productivity and effectiveness, so the marketing challenge here was to describe these benefits and how the services work in a simple, visually powerful way that would work across multiple countries and cultures.

The idea

We didn’t want to rely on a conventional corporate identity rebranding exercise, instead the team started with in-depth market research and competitor analysis. Then we investigated the best channels for sales opportunities and brand awareness. The goals were to improve comprehension of the easylease offering and to ramp up adoption by the end consumers. To create a more impactful product sales delivery with more straightforward messaging, the team created the easylease brand identity and a suite of marketing materials to bring to life the sales proposition in an impactful way.


The new toolkit for easylease included a logo, new straplines, and customised colour-coded communication toolkits for each channel and


country. Importantly the marcomms created a more switched-on visual equity and enhanced clarity on key sales messages for potential consumers. The straight-talking new straplines (including ‘0% finance for growth’, and ‘tomorrow’s technology today’) showcased the brand’s concise benefits, and the salespeople were provided with digital-first toolkits with copy that was simple and clear, but full of benefits and reasons to convert. In short, it made the selling job for CISCO’s sales reps much easier, as these toolkits were filled with powerful calls to action and content that was carefully crafted to appeal to entrepreneurs, business owners, and CTOs.


The secret formula in this rebranding success came down to a combination of factors: targeted research and customer insight, smart and simple personalisation by channel and country, data-driven communications design, and the use of technology to drive engagement and find new business leads. The slick looking toolkit gave the sales teams confidence and the right digital weapons to exceed their marketing and commercial goals.

Finding new customers globally and converting leads through email and digital channels is challenging, but if your brand has an eye-catching design identity and slick sales toolkits, you’ll conquer open rates, competitor comparisons, and cultural differences. Contact us now, and we’ll design a new era of marketing success for you.

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