changi airport group

singapore airshow

The challenge

Changi Airport Group (CAG), known as the ‘Innovator of Experience’, challenged Because to help them bring this title to life in their exhibition stand at the Singapore Airshow. They wanted the stand to inform consumers about the airport, share their future plans, drive engagement, and encourage social amplification.

The idea

Customer-experience is at the heart of what CAG is all about. They’re constantly striving to find exciting and interesting ways to make a visit to the airport more enjoyable, whether that’s by introducing new, innovative technologies, or creating a beautiful Butterfly Garden just for pure enjoyment. We wanted these endeavours to come through in the experience we created.


A visit to the airport can be quite sterile, but however, a trip to Singapore’s Changi Airport is anything but.


Our stand needed to reflect that. Interactive projection walls allowed us to bring Changi’s core content themes to life. When people touched indicated sections of the wall, an animated story was triggered and played out, delivering key information about Changi, its future and its sustainable initiatives in a memorable and meaningful way.

An interactive trampoline game then took players on an adventure through the airport. Participants were required to jump to avoid obstacles, and collect butterflies to release back into Changi’s Butterfly Garden to score points and win great prizes.


At the end of the game, players could strike a pose whilst jumping for a personalised 360° GIF of themselves to share on social media.This amplified the campaign far beyond the walls of the Singapore Airshow itself.

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