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British Gas Residential

Eight years of success

Bringing the warmth of the human touch to British Gas’ consumer engagement, driving loyalty, trust and preference.


For many customers, the only touchpoint they have with their utilities or home services providers are bills, or when things go wrong. We have been delivering the human face of British Gas for eight years, connecting consumers in warm and welcoming way to reward and enhance loyalty, trust and preference.

We have engaged over a million customers during eight years of campaigns. Helping consumers find solutions, the right products, save money and feel in control of their energy and home services. Strategic audience planning and venue selection, warm and welcoming creative, immersive live, digital and virtual engagements, brilliantly trained ambassadors and a centrally controlled suite of assets ensure that each of our consumer shows, road shows, pop-ups and partnerships are fantastically successful.

stand visits
face-to-face conversations
+20 pts
increase in NPS scores