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BP Green Lights All The Way

Savour some unexpected treats

BP forecourts are more than a place to fill up with petrol – they’re food and drink refuelling stations too. Our challenge was to show drivers how BP keeps you going. 

BP needed to bring in valuable new customers who believe in the brand and will stay for the long term. Because needed to prove the value of the BP price premium by reminding customers that convenience and quality are available 24/7, compared to lesser service levels offered by competitors. 

Our success in bringing tens of thousands of new high value customers to the brand is rooted in the perfect alignment with the ATL creative, and delivering a rich experience completely relevant to the environments and the audience.
laser maze competitors 
leaflets distributed 
And thousands of refuelled bodies, ready to enjoy the rest of their day. Find out how to use travelling roadshows to maximise the impact of your next campaign.