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The Boursin Sensorium

Experience the virtual reality of flavour

For French cheese brand Boursin, indulgence is everything. So we came up with a rather more sophisticated approach to flavour sampling, which has now won a Masters of Marketing AwardUK Drum Award and Event Technology Award.  

It’s a perfect parallel with our objective. If we’d only been doing Oculus Rift, it might not have worked. But the overall sensorial experience meant we presented the brand the way we wanted to.
Steve Gregory, Marketing Director, Bel
Beloved by a generation, Boursin’s desire was to extend its reach to a wider, younger audience, and to do something unexpected for a brand in a category filled with 'me-too' sales promotions.

The Boursin Sensorium toured key food events, combining a virtual reality (VR) experience with live sensory engagement to immerse consumers in different flavours.

Using Oculus Rift headsets, we took consumers inside virtual fridges to experience the best ingredients up close, whilst tasting various Boursin samples. Personalised videos of their experience were emailed to participants to share on social networks.

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By embracing an emerging technology in an amazing and amusing way, we helped Boursin win the hearts (and pockets) of thousands of new customers. Discover how to use immersive technologies to connect people to your brand. 


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Dig deeper into the detail and results of our Boursin Sensorium campaign by requesting access to our evidence case study. Due to the confidential nature of these reports, access is restricted. 

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