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Birch & Waite Sauce Sampling

Add something fresh to your cooking

Great sauces can transform everyday meals. But finding and choosing the right sauce for the right meal isn’t always easy.

Birch & Waite needed to find an innovative way to introduce shoppers to their range of fresh sauces to drive trial and purchase. They also needed to educate them on why fresh is best, as shoppers aren't traditionally used to buying chilled sauces. 

To promote Birch & Waite’s versatile fresh chilled sauces in-store, we didn’t wait for shoppers to come to the right aisle. We took the range to them with teams of roving in-store samplers. 
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Multi-product sampling is a brilliant way to make every sample relevant to people’s personal tastes, and draw them in to whole new categories. Find out how sampling can help boost awareness for your brand.