The challenge

Amazon wanted to support their toy-focused partners in Berlin over the Christmas season by helping them showcase their extensive product ranges.

The idea

Before Christmas, many kids ‘window shop’ on Amazon, ogling toys and adding their favourites to a Christmas wish list. But with so many to choose from, how can they know that what they’ve chosen is ‘the one’, without having seen it in action?

We wanted to make sure no child was left disappointed this Christmas, and what was waiting for them under the tree, would make all their merry wishes come true.


We partnered with Walt Disney, Hasbro, LEGO, Mattel, Ubisoft, Herding and Electronic Arts to create the Amazon Wish Workshop - a magical pop-up home of toys.


The pop-up consisted of a series of vibrant workshop rooms, each themed by the partner brand, and playfully designed to best showcase their range of toys. Interactive workshops and product demonstrations helped give children the chance to really ‘try’ before the parents had to buy.

When a child found their favourite toy, they could scan a QR code which would take them to the product on Amazon’s website. From here it could either be added to their wish list or shopping cart.


Disney artists drew kids’ favourite Frozen or Star Wars stars, ‘real-life’ Stormtroopers and Play-Doh characters offered photo opportunities, and Frozen fans could get their hair braided in the style of Anna or Elsa. These workshops captured our little visitors’ imaginations and immersed them into the wonderful world of toys, turning a demonstration into an experience worth talking to many about.

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