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Home of Imagination

The challenge

Amazon asked us to showcase its voice-activated home assistant, Alexa’s, core benefits and capabilities.

The idea

Many people are familiar with the idea of having a smart speaker like Alexa. What they often don’t realise though, is her capabilities go far beyond finding your favourite song or delivering a weekly weather report.

We wanted to create an opportunity for people to see just how powerful Alexa is when put at the heart of the home and paired with partner brands. And a chance to imagine the significant role Alexa could play in their daily lives.


We partnered with Fitbit, Mercedes-Benz, Philips Hue, OMRON, Osmo, Drayton and Kutchenhaus to create the Amazon Alexa’s Home of Imagination - a pop-up, modern, family home with a touch of imagination.

The ‘home’ consisted of a series of carefully crafted and immersive walk-through rooms. Each imaginative space was hosted by a different partner brand to showcase their products’ innovative integration with Alexa.


Using key partner collaborations and imaginative design, we were able to turn a practical demonstration into a memorable immersive and interactive consumer experience.

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