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AGL Energy: Love In Action at Midsumma

Pavegen dancefloor creates energy and community at LGBTQIA+ festival

Midsumma is a three-week long celebration of LGBTQIA+ art, culture and community, and has firmly established itself as Victoria’s premier festival for celebrating diverse gender and sexuality. To take its commitment to supporting equality and inclusion to a higher level, Australian energy and gas supplier AGL Energy signed on as Gold Sponsor of the Midsumma Carnival, and brought Because along for the journey to bring its sponsorship to life through a unique, memorable and engaging activation.

AGL needed to find a way to make its brand proposition stand out firmly in the minds of Midsumma attendees both during and after the popular event. The brand wanted to increase awareness of its commitment to support the LGBTQIA+ community and increase brand preference for AGL by tangibly demonstrating that it is a fun, vibrant and inclusive brand.

With AGL proudly powering love, we took the brand’s key campaign message and transformed it into a pulsing heart. We created a dancefloor with a difference at the festival – Pavegen technology was used to harness energy directly from festival-goers and create a giant heart lit up on a big screen, showing a renewable form of energy in action. Top DJs encouraged consumers to dance into the night, with the dancefloor having strong visual stand-out and providing a bold brand presence for AGL. To reach beyond the event, a creative photobooth equipped with animated gif technology allowed participants to share their experience with friends or take a memorable branded print out home with them.

footsteps on the dancefloor
watts of energy produced
photos taken