The Acc

SportSmart stand

The challenge

The Accident Compensation Commission in New Zealand (ACC) asked Because to help them leverage their sponsorship of the 2019 AIMS Games. They wanted us to create an engaging platform for the young audience that encouraged participation and awareness of the SportSmart principles.

The idea

Making injury prevention top-of-mind for head-strong, “invincible” young athletes was always going to be a challenge. To ensure our message hit home, we needed to develop a campaign that young minds would want to engage with. A campaign that empowered them to take control and remain injury-free to play and perform at their best.


We used body-gesture recognition technology and virtual reality to grab the young audiences’ attention, and encourage them to take control of injury prevention.


A bespoke body-motion game taught player’s beneficial warm-up and cool-down moves and stretches they could mimic before and after practise and matches in the future.

Virtual Reality educated kids, parents and 1,500 coaches on the signs and symptoms of concussion. A VR zone gave viewers a 360° degree experience on a futsal and netball court, and a rugby field, to help identify the signs and symptoms of concussion and what to do if the symptoms are apparent.


To ensure maximum impact, we created 5 activation sites at 3 venues across the games, ran the campaign across social channels, big screens and live TVCs, and developed an AIMS Games app.

We also handed out Google cardboard kits to each coach at the games, to ensure the injury-prevention message lived on long after the event.

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