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53 Degrees North: A world of adventure unlocked

Retailer's campaign videos showcase incredible Irish adventure experience

Irish adventure retailer 53 Degrees North aims to support active people that use their free time to pursue outdoor sports. With a solid reputation spanning over 20 years as a leader in Ireland’s adventure sports industry, 53 Degrees North is a one-stop shop for fans of the great outdoors, with a product offering that spans hiking, walking, camping and kayaking to mountaineering, running, sailing and skiing.

53 Degrees North needed to find a way to add more personality to its marketing and become even more relevant within the marketplace, winning over more fans in the process. The brand wanted to unlock adventure and encourage pride in personal achievements and adventures, whatever the scale or setting. 53 Degrees North’s key message is that adventure lies on each and every one of our doorsteps – it’s just a matter of opening our eyes to the possibilities that exist. Adventure can take many forms, and the retailer’s challenge was to get fans thinking about what can be conquered next.

We delivered a truly unique experience for the brand and its fans: an early morning dance event upon a mountaintop. We carefully recruited a diverse group of people – representative of 53 Degrees North’s audience – to climb to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain in east County Wicklow in the very early hours for one incredible dance, filmed on the summit at sunrise. These stunning scenes were used to generate social media discussion and extend the experience’s reach online, while inviting fans on Facebook to apply for the next adventure: white water rafting on the River Liffey. Our aspirational campaign videos directly targeted the retailer’s key audiences, generated goodwill and positive conversation, and encouraged social amplification.

Facebook views for first adventure video
more fans applied to take part in second video than targeted
Facebook views achieved for second adventure video