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WWF-UK Virtual Reality Tiger Experience

A roaring success for conservation charity

Tigers need our help. When WWF-UK searched to find a memorable and emotive way to raise awareness of the threats these impressive animals face in the wild, we had the answer.  

The tiger is the largest and most iconic of all the big cats. But threats like poaching and habitat destruction means that tigers are now one of the world’s most endangered animals. WWF-UK looked to deliver this hard-hitting message in a bid to secure vital support for its work.

We combined Virtual Reality (VR) with CGI 360˚ film-making to create a powerful experience that allowed participants to come face-to-face with tigers in the wild. WWF-UK’s celebrity ambassador Will Young publicly endorsed the campaign, which ran for several days at Westfield shopping centres. You can see the VR film and read more on WWF-UK’s site.

VR engagements
participant photos taken
more sign-ups compared to traditional fundraising

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