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Vans Made for the Makers Influencer Content Campaign

Dubai’s creatives showcase their heart and sole

Iconic skateboarding brand Vans gave us the exciting task to drive awareness and help promote their new Made for The Makers shoe collection. And we made sure to deliver a campaign that was completely 'Off the wall'.

The Vans Made for The Makers collection is inspired by those who make a living through their passion and creativity. These artists need stylish, comfortable and versatile shoes to support them while they spend long hours creating. The collection celebrate everyday creators and their diverse creative pursuits.

To hero this new collection and tell a compelling and engaging local story, we connected with niche creators in Dubai and showcased four passionate and hardworking makers - an edgy motorcycle builder, a groundbreaking female barber, a minimalist Japanese entrepreneur, and a colourful, outgoing presenter, writer, actor and owner of a Jamaican pop-up restaurant.

We created a content campaign that captured the passion, innovation and hardships these four enduring makers face. By teaming up with innovative micro-influencers who are masters in their fields and pushing conventional boundaries, we were able to tell incredible stories while capturing the essence of their art and craftsmanship.

A content series with four distinctive visual styles brought the personality of our makers, and the Vans ethos, to life. The campaign was shared across Vans Middle East’s social media and sports retailer Sun and Sand Sports.

Through the range of photos produced, we were able to capture the authentic spirit and versality of the Made for the Makers collection, drawing on real life stories to help Vans connect with a broad audience.