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This is Burj Khalifa: At The Top Influencer Campaign

Showcasing the world’s tallest observation deck

How do you create an emotional bridge to Dubai's most iconic landmark? Through telling local, human stories. This is Burj Khalifa is a content and influencer campaign that presents the world's tallest observation deck as seen through the eyes of local professionals and creatives.

For those living in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is a symbol of infinite possibilities. To raise awareness about the building's stunning observation deck, At The Top, Burj Khalifa wanted to launch a campaign that elevated its content from the transactional and repetitive approach of its peers.

We set out to tell captivating stories that transcended the building's architecture and vista, exploring how it inspires and connects those that live and work within its view. We also wanted to celebrate the idea of human empowerment in a unique and compelling way that tourists could relate to. This is Burj Khalifa features a mini-series of social media videos showcasing six inspiring faces and stories from the Dubai community. Each video reveals the personal connection these micro-influencers have with Burj Khalifa in an authentic, intimate way. The campaign also features reaction shots of visitors admiring the breath-taking view from 555 meters above sea level for the very first time. This is Burj Khalifa shares engaging human stories, puts the spotlight on local talent and inspires others while showcasing the incredible experience a view from the top of the Burj Khalifa offers. 

Want to see all the videos? Check them out here: Joey Ghazal, Minu Chawla, Azra, Maha and Misbah. 

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