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The Burj Khalifa in One Question Video Campaign

How visitors are inspired by a breathtaking view

Building on the success of the campaign This is Burj Khalifa highlighting human connections to Dubai's most iconic landmark, we turned our lens from locals to the 1.8m visitors each year to ask them one simple question.

For those living in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is a symbol of infinite possibilities. To expand on the current content and raise awareness about the building's stunning observation deck, At The Top, Burj Khalifa wanted to launch a campaign that elevated its content from the transactional and repetitive approach of its peers.

If This is Burj Khalifa introduced Dubai’s influencers and local professionals, The Burj Khalifa in One question content campaign puts visitors front and centre to hero their own experience of the world’s tallest building. With a very minimalist setup, we recruited and gathered visitors on the observation deck At the Top to ask them a simple question: ‘What does being at the top of the world’s tallest building inspire in you?’. The result surpassed our expectations - unscripted, genuine and simply real. These emotive responses from a broad range of ages and nationalities truly connects with viewers, which we simply could not have achieved with actors.

A series of fresh content, completely unique to the Burj Khalifa, heroing it’s visitors and it’s photographers. The Burj Khalifa in One Question launched in April 2018 - check back shortly for results from the campaign.