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Sydney Water: Natural Source, Natural Choice

Immersive 360° VR experience educates and challenges perceptions

Attracting almost 1 million visitors annually, the Sydney Royal Easter Show provides a massive platform for brands to make a lasting impression and educate consumers. We were proud to deliver an environmentally-focused stand for Sydney Water at 2017’s big event; one that shifted perceptions of tap water and drove change. Captivating visual content supported sampling activity at the Sydney Water Bar within the Woolworths Food Farm, in a fun, engaging and accessible way that had younger audiences at its heart.

Sydney has some of the best drinking water in the world: with a huge body of natural water descending in clear running streams from the pristine Blue Mountains, few cities on Earth are blessed with such an incredible source of precious water. But despite this, some still choose bottled water over tap water. Because needed to find a way to showcase the incredible ‘source to tap’ journey of Sydney’s natural drinking water, and make children and teens especially aware of the negative environmental impact that plastic waste can have in Australia’s oceans.

We delivered an interactive learning experience that brought Sydney Water’s #Aquavist campaign to life in memorable fashion and built trust and pride in Sydney’s drinking water. Targeting a predominantly younger audience, we produced a powerful 360° VR video to excite and educate: beginning in a kitchen with a glass of water, the immersive experience took viewers on a journey from the Blue Mountains to an underwater dive, and finally for a ride along Sydney’s distinctive coastline, all while explaining the impact and cost of bottled water over tap. As well as gauging participants’ views pre- and post-event to assess the impact of our experiential activity, the powerful video content continues to live on at schools and community events while also supporting Sydney Water’s ongoing internal stakeholder engagement.

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