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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Media Preview

An immersive jungle-themed experience like no other

Tomb Raider is one of the biggest franchises in modern gaming history. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the epic finale of Lara Croft’s origin story, we see her complete her transformation from bookish archaeologist to bad-ass jungle hunter. The game also represents a milestone in the Middle Eastern market, as it's the first game ever to be been dubbed over in Arabic. So we delivered a media preview experience that got the press and gamers pumped up for its release.


Although the Tomb Raider franchise is beloved the world over, during its release, Shadow of the Tomb had to compete with a number of other big name games coming onto the market. We needed to create an engaging media preview that would help the game stand apart from its competitors and win over fans.

With Shadow of the Tomb set in an Aztec-inspired jungle, we created an immersive experience at The Green Planet, an unique indoor venue boasting an oasis of lush greenery and animals evocative of a tropical rain forest. As media guests arrived, they were taken on a guided tour around the bio-dome, an open indoor space where 3,000 species of birds, animals and plants roam and grow free. The tour ended in a private presentation room that was transformed into a jungle, with foliage draped from the ceiling, clever up-lighting and big, bold branding throughout. The gaming rooms also doubled as an interview space, where media had access to the developers and the famous Lebanese actress, Nadine Njeim, who provided the Arabic voice over.

Media guests were amazed at The Green Planet experience, and described the event as ‘the best media event they had been to all year'. The seamless flow between gameplay and interviews ensured that the guests we're entertained and engaged. The opportunity to interview Nadine Njeim was a huge draw for the mainstream media, whilst the specialist media and influencers were excited about having one-on-one access to the game developers.