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Hive Smart Home CES 2018

Welcome to the Internet of Things

Breaking down barriers and building confidence in consumers to buy into the latest in technology for their home.

Hive's smart home services allow consumers to control their home from their phone, making more time to do the things they love. They offer a complex ecosystem of products (heating, lighting, plugs, leak, cameras, sensors) that require a contextualising, simplifying and a benefits-led approach to appeal to a mainstream audience.

A benefits lead storytelling approach has enabled us to build experiences that are inherently emotive, while contextualising the complete range of products within real life scenarios. A series of targeted consumer and trade show experiences across the UK, our highly skilled brand ambassadors made full use of our innovative and interactive stands and the virtual reality assets created to engage and immerse consumers in the full Hive ecosystem. In 2018, we took Hive Home to CES in Las Vegas, the world’s largest consumer show. 

purchasing direct from stand
increase in purchase intent*
specific product recall*

* independent research by PACL