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Heineken Taste Tours

A successful partnership spanning over a decade

Who doesn’t like a free drink? The challenge is we all have different tastes. So wouldn’t it make more sense to offer consumers a choice of brands? That's exactly what we’ve being doing for Heineken for over a decade, delivering over 13.5 million samples.

Heineken's challenge is to get 18-34 year-old consumers to choose Heineken brands over other lager and cider brands more regularly. We also need to ensure we adhere to regulations for alcohol sampling and create campaigns with a high level of engagement to attract our target audience.

Over the last 12 years, we’ve helped millions of people try and buy more Heineken brands. From pioneering multi-brand trial campaigns offering unrivalled brand choice, to festivals and bars to supermarkets and impulse stores, our teams have expanded people’s drink repertoires by talking with them – not at them. We've mastered the perfect serve and we use our experience to deliver chilled product sampling campaigns seamlessly, all over the world. Flawless activation requires a combination of the right experience and the best tools. Our team are best-in-class and we have a handful of in-house proprietary models to help optimise sampling results.

word of mouth
face-to-face personal trials
average conversion to purchase at retail

Changing people’s drinking preferences isn’t easy. But with the right product served in the right way, by the right person, at the right time, the results can be very tasty indeed. Find out how sampling can help boost awareness for your brand.