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Gillette ProShield VR experience

Entertaining, immersive insight into power of new razor

Procter & Gamble called on BEcause to design an in-store virtual reality experience to bolster the launch of the Gillette ProShield razor in supermarkets and pharmacies across Australia. This marked the first time that VR had been used to promote the Gillette brand globally.

Gillette identified that irritation is the single biggest issue for men when it comes to shaving, with shaving gel or foam disappearing within the first few strokes. Gillette developed an innovative new top tier razor that countered this issue by providing lubrication both before and after the blades. However, the challenge was how to activate this in-store in the grocery environment, with the product’s sharp blades making physical demonstrations impossible. The brand needed to find a way to bring the unique product benefits to life within this environment and elevate engagement levels.

We provided an entertaining insight into the new razor’s capabilities with an immersive VR experience. This took participants on a virtual rollercoaster ride along a yellow lubrication strip, flying around a man shaving in his bathroom, before diving into his bristles in the path of a smooth close-up shave. This virtual journey showcased the tangible effects of the razor’s unique lubrication strips in an engaging and exciting way.

The VR experience resulted in a 30% sales uplift for the Gillette ProShield razor compared with stores that did not have the activation on offer, proving VR’s power for winning over new fans with captivating brand experiences.